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Poker Etiquette for a Live Game

A live game where you literally hold your cards and face other players on a poker table is a totally different experience compared to playing poker online. We get to interact with other players on a table in ways we can never exactly do on the Internet.

With this mode of game play comes other challenges as well. With other players right there in front of you, there are certain rules of behavior you and everyone else are expected to follow. poker etiquette may not have a direct connection to the game, but these simple unspoken/unwritten laws affect your image at the poker table and how others play with you.

Here are some rules of play when dealing with etiquette on a poker table. Most of these will specifically apply to a live game and not online (though some will also apply to playing poker in an online casino).

First rule is to always play in your given turn. Don't make any poker move unless it's your turn. A lot of people don't look too kindly of this so pay attention to the game.

Second don't take too long to make your moves. It's quite ok to take some time to think at the critical times of a poker game but it poor etiquette if you take so long every single time.

Third is to never ever toss your chips on the table when making your wager. You only get to see that in a western TV show or a movie. In real life, players aren't allowed to make a huge chunk of mess of the chips on the table. In fact, this is considered by most players as being rude.

Continuing with the politeness line, remember never to comment on the players' cards if you're not in the hand. It is also very inappropriate to comment on other player's cards if you're in the hand (that includes your own cards too). Watch your words when in a game, and remember that swearing isn't proper poker etiquette.

When making your move, it is best to just say "call" or perhaps "raise" and then place your chips in turn one by one if you're not completely sure at first of how much you would like to bet.

When laying your cards on the table, don't do it one card at a time, just lay the whole hand nicely and say what your hand is. If you can't remember what that hand is called then just lay the cards on the table and let the dealer declare it.

A couple more things: don't switch seats (especially in a poker tournament) unless asked by an official. It is also inappropriate to leave the table when it's your turn at the blinds. Last is that if you happen to eat or drink at the table, don't make a huge mess.

Practicing proper etiquette isn't only just to acquire an image at the table, it is also a display of sportsmanship.